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At this moment we accept only Bitcoin and Litecoin, because:

a) it’s more secure

b) it’s safe for you

c) it’s safe for us

d) no fees

Don’t fall into Western Union or Moneygram sellers, it’s a horrid scam from countries like Pakistan or China.

What is difference between Bitcoin and Litecoin?

Litecoin has lower fee than Bitcoin and it’s a little bit faster (we have 6% off for Litecoin purchases).

However, they are pretty similar.

Where can I buy bitcoins?

The best way to buy bitcoins anonymously is to make cash deposit at

Super easy, anyone could literally do it. The seller will provide you with all the information you need in order to complete the transaction. All you need to do is ask the teller for a bank slip.

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– Law The Inside Texas State Materialrebellion Of Id Fake and are helpful sites for beginners too.

ALWAYS  buy $5 more than you need as Bitcoin rates can go up and down though out the day!

Buy Bitcoins with Cash App


How to buy Litecoin from Coinbase?

Buy Bitcoin with cash at store – Buy Bitcoin Instantly at Thousands of Local Stores

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Send money from Coinbase

If you have an account at Coinbase, you can send your funds to our wallet (you will see it at checkout page)

Buy Bitcoins with Amazon Gift Cards, Western Union, Paypal, iTunes Gift Cards, etc…

Have you ever seen this at Walmart? Good. You can buy a card and trade it for Bitcoin at Paxful

It could be a little overprice, but sometimes it’s a fastest way to get bitcoins.

Also check

Also the sellers at Localbitcoins all have ratings and reviews so pick one with a really high rating.



Bitcoin ATM

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Bitcoin ATM is a machine with cash-in which send you Bitcoins for your cash. Simple and quick.

(But keep in mind that Bitcoin ATMs could have a high exchange rate).


Ok, I bought bitcoins, what now?

Great! Go to your Cart:

Click “Proceed to checkout”. Don’t forget to get Express Delivery if you want your ID ASAP.

Choose Bitcoin Payment and  click “Place order”

Congrats! It’s almost done. Now you should send your bitcoins to a specified address and then we gonna take care of the rest. You will receive email with shipping details shortly.


Resources for everybody who wants to know more about cryptocurrency:

What is Bitcoin?

A Beginner’s Guide to Blockchain Technology

What is Bitcoin? A Step-By-Step Guide For Beginners

Bitcoin for Beginners

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